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Welcome to my photoblog. I’m not a photographer, but I’ve been doing photography for a while now, I also styled for Russian and American photographers. I shoot all type of work, portraits, actor’s HDshots,  pet portraits, wedding portraits and my photos have been published. I contribute to several magazines as a photojournalist. This page features some samples of my work. Feel free to comment, good or bad. I can take it;)  *Contact me via I travel a lot, therefore, I’m available to shoot anywhere, but a little picky about what I say yes to.


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This weekend I photographed fifteen year old Carolyn for Neuaura shoes promo shot. Neuaura shoes is a very responsible shoe company, designing beautiful vegan shoes. Carolyn is incredibly photogenic. I’m planning a second shoot with her just to have more photos. Some bikers drove by when we were shooting and we asked if we can shoot the bike, so Carolyn hopped on and we got some nice Harley shots. Thanks guys!! 

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Isabela and Angelina

Two little girls, both pure Native American and stunning, photographed for a magazine shot dressed in Happy Green Bee   

I had so much fun shooting these two!Click here for xtra PHOTOS of the girls. 


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Words are not necessary.

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Master Hu

This is a scan from an Inside Kung Fu magazine article I wrote (I think in 2008)  therefore, it’s a tad blury, but I very much enjoyed photographing Master Hu. It was an absolute honor. This man is a professional and a great martial artist. He is known for acting in films with stars like Jet Li and the legendary Sonny Chiba

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Tanya is a very photogenic model. Very little work needed to be done. She’s wearing only a little eye make, we messed up her hair instead of styling it and curled the ends. She has a very nice portfolio, no doubt it is all due to her natural talent.

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Dagmar was a lovely subject to photograph.

The light we used was very soft and this pose in particular reminds me of a photo of Bridget Fonda in one of my fave films, Point of No Return. it was not planned, but I like the way it came out.

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